Filipa From Instagram account our_british_home

Dive into the world of Filipa, the creative force behind the @Filipa Instagram account. Our chat with Filipa tells the story of the origins and influences of her home life. Sustainability is present in Filipa's every home décor purchase, perfectly aligned with BosilunLife's ethos of affordable eco-luxury. In this #Bosilunlife chapter,Filipa shares her passion for home décor that blends Portuguese and British influences, and highlights her practical yet stylish approach to creating a family-friendly, sustainable, and seasonally adaptable living space, with a nod to BosilunLife's role in her aesthetic journey.

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Filipa, could you start by telling us about the beginnings of 'our British home'? What inspired you to merge Portuguese and British aesthetics in your home decor?"

My page Our_british_home started during Covid time. I had a big following already on Instagram because I used to have an online business for nursery décor but then I returned to my full-time job and 2 months later it was the first lockdown.

We had just moved to our house 4 months before and we had the basics around the house so I started doing décor projects around the house to keep me also occupied as we couldn’t leave the house during lockdown.

As I started sharing the projects, I noticed I would get loads of questions from people wanting to know where the products were from and I then started working with some brands.

I always love home décor since I was a kid. I used to change my room décor all the time and it got to a time when I was a teenager that my mom said I needed to start paying for it because I was always changing it.

When I started my page, I just had my son, which is now 5 years old and I was so excited to do the nursery décor. I love neutral décor, Nordic-inspired, and Boohoo vibes. I like to pick décor that brings me a feeling of peace and calm.

How do the cultural ties to Portugal and the UK influence the design choices in your home, and how do they come together to create a unique style?

I’m originally from Portugal and I moved to the UK 7 years ago! Although my page is called Our_british_home last year I redid the décor of our house in Portugal as well which I also shared on my page.

Both houses have differences in terms of the décor but what they have in common is the neutral vibes. A lot of the pieces I have at both houses are from the same stores as well but just styled in a different way.

With family being a cornerstone of home life, how do you design a space that is both stylish and accommodating to the dynamics of family living?

I love home décor but I also like to keep it simple and practical for the family.  I like to not have overcrowded spaces. The room that gave me the most pleasure to decorate was my son's room.

I incorporated pieces that have meaning for us and created different spaces in his room (sofa for a relaxing time, the study corner, reading corner, etc.).

Seasons change, and with them, often come the desire for a fresh look at home. How do you infuse seasonal elements into your decor while keeping the recognizable character of 'our_british_home'?

I’m always changing things around the house! I drive my partner crazy because some days when he arrives home, I change the furniture and décor to different places. Usually, at Christmas and Autumn, I add a few seasonal pieces and during summer I want to add more summery elements.

A lot of times I will just change things around to also be conscious of the budget.

Travel seems to play a significant role in your life. Can you share how your travel experiences are reflected in your home decor?

Suggestions for your answer: Describe how you incorporate travel finds or memories into your home, giving examples of items or themes from your trips.

I love to travel and in total I visited 16 countries so far. It’s funny because when we are choosing the hotels, I always look at the décor and I feel my choices reflect my décor preferences. I like to stay at places with neutral colors, that give me calming vibes.

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Sustainability is increasingly important in today's world. How do you incorporate sustainable practices into your home decor and lifestyle?

Over the last years I’ve been more conscious and try to do more sustainable choices. I started using environmentally friendly cleaning products and even my kid toys I try to avoid plastic as much as possible and have recycled products.

When buying home décor I usually use companies that have recyclable materials since the materials to the packaging.

What's your strategy for striking a balance between functional living and maintaining a high-end look, especially with considerations for eco-friendly living?

Unfortunately, eco-friendly products are not always the cheapest. However, I prefer to have more quality products and keep it simply and practical that bulk buy at more cheaper shops and have loads of stuff that I don’t even need around the house. These days, I prioritize more and more quality over quantity.

Design trends are always changing. How do you stay ahead, and what emerging trends are you excited to explore in your own home?

I would not say that I’m a person that is always checking the latest trends. I do follow loads of Instagram décor accounts because I love to check other people ideas, so I would say that I mostly influenced by the trends I see on social media. I love everything that is Scandinavian design, boohoo vibes.

Looking forward, how do you envision the evolution of your home's decor, and what role do you see BosilunLife playing in this journey?

I see my home as my safe place and since I was little my parents always took very pride on their house. I like to feel my house is a calm place to be so however the future holds in terms of trends I believe I will be opting in always for calming colors and simply pieces.

When I got my Nordic mug with lid from Bosilunlife I believe it fits perfectly the vibes I go for: beautiful and simple.

Finally, for those inspired by your style and wishing to emulate aspects of your home decor, what advice would you offer? Are there any go-to BosilunLife pieces that could serve as a starting point?

I believe that your house should fit your personality and reflect who you are. More than following a trend you should have your house the way it makes you feel happy.

For me that is neutrals and calming vibes, for other people can be more vibrant colors! I believe each person should follow what they truly love and decorate within their own style.

What I like about Bosilunlife is that the products fit different décor styles. It is just a case on how to style them.