After years of working together, two friends had the shared vision to build a brand based on what they liked best about each other's tastes: Scandinavian design mixed with Parisian elegance and the profound respect for Nature's balance. The most important was that this new brand felt like theirs - not just another hollow purpose but truly theirs; however, one thing had to stay true from start to finish: sustainability as its core principle without sacrificing any quality at all! This is how BosilunLife came into existence - a brand that aspires to make an homage to the natural world, promote a balanced lifestyle, and provide Affordable Luxury Scandinavian & Nature-inspired Home Accessories while maintaining sustainable practices rooted deeply.


“We believe in the balance of Nature, find inspiration in the simplicity of the Scandinavian lifestyle, and we both want to design products that can last & impact." -  Helder Olivier (our Creative Director & Designer) and Kohn Chen (our CEO) 

Although BosilunLife is a young brand, we rely on the values of a 30 years heritage manufacturing sustainable Ceramic Home Accessories for the world’s leading interior design brands. We are very proud of those values - they have the power to change our world for the better - and because we own our factory, which allows making most of the products we sell, we can ensure high-quality standards. We also have a supply chain established with companies who share the same mission of prioritizing environmental regulations in their manufacturing processes.


We encourage our customers to embrace balanced choices, and we're contributing to them thanks to thoughtful design, production, and delivery processes because we want you to connect with your surroundings and feel comfortable every moment of the day! Try BosilunLife bathroom accessories, home décor, tableware, and kitchenware today! ▲ SHOP OUR AFFORDABLE LUXURY HOME ACCESSORIES & GIFTS >