Bosilunlife Starry Night Series Salad Bowl-Small

  • The novel shape design gives you a bright feeling. It is beautiful, exquisite, elegant, and charming. The exquisite food bowl and delicious food make you very happy to eat.
  • The delicious taste of homemade yogurt and fruits, the overture filled with sweet taste, and the sweetness that lingers on the lips and teeth are amazing.
  • One bowl can be used for many purposes, and there are no limits when it comes to creating delicious meals. Various delicacies can be served according to your needs. Yogurt, fruit, salad, oats, ice cream, desserts, etc. are all available.
  • Separate the paint layer and glaze, which will not fade after long-term use. You can be in direct contact with food and enjoy delicious food with peace of mind

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