Bosilunlife Rubber Paint Liquid Bathroom Accessories Set


This is a three-piece liquid bathroom accessories set, all in a matching rubber paint white finish. The set includes:

  • A liquid soap dispenser, which is the tallest item in the set. It has a pump mechanism at the top for dispensing hand soap, liquid soap, sanitizers,etc.
  • A tumbler, which is a simple open container without a lid or pump. It can be used for holding toothbrushes or as a drinking cup.
  • An organizer tray that holds both the soap dispenser and tumbler neatly together. The tray has slightly raised edges to contain the items and prevent them from slipping off.

The set has a modern and minimalistic design, with a rubber paint coating, giving it a contemporary look and a soft-touch finish. This kind of set is often used to maintain a coordinated look in bathroom decor and is typically easy to clean due to its smooth surface. The dimensions provided indicate the size of each item, allowing for an assessment of how much space it would occupy on a bathroom counter.

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