How to Drink a Coffee?

As an exotic drink, coffee is as popular as tea. Especially some young people born in the 1980s and 1990s prefer this petty bourgeois sentiment. There are also white-collar executives in the office who like to go to the office in the afternoon. Make some coffee as soon as possible to refresh yourself. What's more, some large companies directly have afternoon tea time arrangements and leisure corners to provide employees with a relaxing area during their busy days.

What is a coffee cup called?

Figure. 1 Cup of Coffee

A coffee cup is a utensil used to hold coffee for people to drink. The most common coffee cup is a coffee cup with a handle. Most coffee cups are made of ceramic and are often used with a saucer with a bottom.

The correct way to use a coffee cup

Holding Method.

Figure. 2 Use a Coffee Cup

The correct way to hold it is to pinch the ear (handle) of the cup with your thumb and index finger and gently lift the cup. If the coffee cup comes with a saucer, you can hold the saucer with one hand and lift the cup with the other hand to create a stable point of support.

Stir the coffee.

Figure. 3 Coffee Mug from Bosilunlife

The coffee spoon is specially used to stir coffee. The coffee spoon will be stained with coffee. You should gently wipe the juice along the inner edge of the cup. You must not pick up the spoon and shake it, or lick the coffee spoon with your tongue. . It is best to place the used spoon on the inside of the tray to avoid knocking on it when picking up the coffee cup. Don't use a coffee spoon to scoop up coffee and drink it by the spoonful, and don't use a coffee spoon to mash sugar cubes in a cup. The standard stirring technique is to stand the coffee spoon in the center of the coffee cup, first make a clockwise circle from the inside to the outside, then make a counterclockwise circle from the outside to the inside to the cup wall, and then repeat the same technique. This method makes the coffee evenly concentrated. .

Use of cups and saucers. 

The coffee cup should be placed in front of you or to your right, with the cup ear pointing to the right. Avoid putting your fingers through the lug end of the cup. If you need to drink from an inconvenient location, such as the sofa, you can hold the plate to your chest with your left hand and drink from the cup with your right hand.

Things to note when adding coffee. 

Figure. 4 Add Milk in Coffee

When adding coffee, it is not recommended to lift the coffee cup from the saucer. If you need to add sugar or milk, stir with a coffee spoon to ensure the coffee is evenly mixed.

Taste the coffee.

Figure. 5 Taste the Coffee

After finishing brewing, you can place the coffee cup on the table and taste it slowly. Pay attention to enjoy the tasting process and experience the pleasure brought by coffee.

By following these correct usage methods, not only can you better enjoy the delicious taste of your coffee, but you can also avoid the embarrassment or damage to your cup caused by improper use.

Placement and Precautions for Coffee Cups

According to the habits of people in different regions, there are two common placements of coffee cups. The American style has the cup handle on the right, and the British style has the cup handle on the left.

Figure. 6 Warming up the Coffee

Since the freshly brewed coffee is piping hot, in order to prevent the coffee cup from bursting, what you often do is to warm the coffee cup with hot water in advance or put it in the dishwasher to preheat it so that the hot coffee can be poured into it. The temperature difference will not be too great, causing the cup to break, and through the process of warming the cup, the aroma of the coffee can be preserved.

Coffee cups are usually used together with coffee saucers of the same series. In order to prevent burns, when adding coffee, it is not recommended to hold the coffee cup alone. It is recommended to hold it together with the bottom tray.