Bosilunlife Rubber Paint Foaming Soap Dispenser-Large

  • Based on the aspirational Scandinavian lifestyle, combined with the practicality of bathroom sets, every life-loving attitude is conveyed to the details of life, giving the originally monotonous bathroom products the delicacy and seriousness of European life.
  • This rubber paint foaming soap dispenser is a ceramic product. The bottle body is made of ceramic and sprayed with non-slip rubber paint on the surface. The glaze is warm and delicate, with a simple solid color design, light luxury fashion, and retro elegance.
  • Plastic spring pump head, durable and resistant to falling; effortless pressing; delicate foaming; and a carefully adjusted pump head for excellent durability.
  • Black, white, and light grey colors, outstanding texture; delicate and smooth feel; not easy to trap dirt and evil; and cleans immediately after flushing.

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