#Bosilunlife Chapters: Eco-Luxury Meets Vintage Charm with Corine Mapes

Corine Mapes-Cottage Farmhouse Styling + Budget DIY's from Instagram account @junk_gems

Dive into the world of Corine Mapes, the creative force behind the @junk_gems Instagram account, featured in American Farmhousestyle and Country Sampler magazines. Every corner of her world is a blend of nostalgic tales and contemporary eco-conscious choices. Our chat with Corine unravels her journey from flea market explorations with her grandpa to revitalizing an 1889 farmhouse. Each DIY endeavor and repurposed find embodies sustainability, aligning seamlessly with BosilunLife's ethos of affordable eco-luxury. In this edition of #Bosilunlife Chapters, Corine's narrative unveils how the charm of the past can be rekindled in modern decor.

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Corine, your appreciation for vintage aesthetics and nature is evident in your content. What originally sparked this passion?
As a little girl I remember doing flea markets with my grandpa, loved seeing
all the vintage bottles and books and just loved them then. I think I was always an
old soul.

Your 1889 farmhouse seems like it holds so many stories. What was it about this particular property that drew you in, and how has it shaped your sense of decor?
When we found this house we had been looking elsewhere and believe it
was divine intervention. As soon as we stepped on the property it sincerely felt like
home even though it needed so much work.

Gardens, for many, are a continuation of the home's spirit. How has your vintage garden influenced the interiors of your farmhouse, and vice versa?
I have always loved vintage cottage garden style and I think that resonates
in my vintage thrifted home decor.

The modern homeowner is becoming increasingly eco-conscious. How have you embedded sustainability into your decor choices, especially given the vintage nature of your home?
I try to buy items that I can repurpose instead of being thrown away and
filling up a landfill.

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Your love for DIY is evident. Could you share a DIY project that particularly resonates with the essence of your home?
Our whole home it seems is a diy project. It was abandoned for years and
needed to be fully remodelled . We tore out walls and ceilings, finding original
shiplap under the layers of wallboard. If I had to choose one it would be our diy faux mantel made from items we found in the barn on the property.

It must have been a proud moment to be featured in American Farmhousestyle and Country Sampler. Which corner or element of your home do you believe caught their attention the most?
It was definitely our diy faux mantel decorated for the different seasons.

Transitioning a bit, BosilunLife stands for affordable luxury home accessories & gifts. How do you see our products enhancing the vintage charm of your home?
The style and colors of the dishware go so perfectly with my vintage cottage style decor.

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Sustainability is an integral aspect of BosilunLife. Having used our products, how do you think they align with eco-friendly living while not compromising on luxurious quality?
The fact that they are sustainable and the luxury quality all while being affordable.

For our readers who are diving into the world of home decor, are there any BosilunLife pieces or collections you'd heartily recommend?
The gold and white cups are so pretty yet so durable.

Lastly, having curated such a beautiful space, where do you see your decor journey headed next? Any trends or styles you're excited to incorporate?
I have been slowly integrating English Cottage Style into each room slowly. I love the old fashion cozy feeling it gives a space

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