BosilunLife: Winner of the International Gift of the Year 2023 Award

We are thrilled to announce that BosilunLife, our young and vibrant brand, has achieved a significant milestone by winning the prestigious International Gift of the Year 2023 award​. Our commitment to creating sustainable ceramic home accessories and our dedication to the values of the natural world have been recognized and celebrated on a global stage​​.


Our Trendy Breakfast Mugs Gift Set, part of the Nordic Tranquility Collection, was the award-winning product that shone at the event​​. This set of four mugs is an ode to the Scandinavian lifestyle and the tranquility of nature. Perfect for those who cherish a relaxed and peaceful start to the day, the mugs have been handcrafted with solid natural ceramic and raw clay, reducing the use of traditional energy-consuming clays. The mugs are then finished with eco-friendly, non-toxic, hand-painted glazes, highlighting our commitment to sustainability and quality​.


We are proud to offer a unique opportunity for both retailers and wholesalers. When you sell our branded mugs, you will be selling a high-quality design developed by our creative team based in Europe. We ensure that you will have access to the best marketing materials, including product images that have proven to increase eCommerce conversions. We are fully equipped to manufacture in quantity and deliver anywhere in the World.

For businesses looking for a unique branding solution, we offer the chance to sell our award-winning mugs in our ready-made sustainable gift boxes or design an exclusive environmentally friendly package with your brand placed next to BosilunLife​.

We invite new retailers and wholesalers to join us on this exciting journey. BosilunLife values long-term partnerships and we promise to stand by your side every step of the way. Together, we can bring the balance and tranquility of nature into homes around the world.

Interested in partnering with BosilunLife? Reach out to us today to learn more about the unique opportunities we offer: