How to Add Storage in Bathroom?

There are many daily necessities in the bathroom. As long as you don't put things back to their original places for a day, the countertop will soon become messy. I wanted to put a cabinet for unified storage, but the space was too small and there was really no place to move.

The space is small, but it has to carry many functions. It is indeed difficult to store toiletries for a large family, but it is not impossible. Below, I will share with you 8 bathroom storage tips. Remember to save them

8 Bathroom Storage Tips

1. Utilization of Bathroom Countertops

Figure. 1 Bathroom Countertop Storage

Although the bathroom countertop is people's favorite place to place things, if the space is not utilized well, the entire bathroom will look cluttered.

Since most of the things placed in the bathroom are bottles and cans, each item takes up a lot of space, and things near the sink are more likely to get water stains. If not cleaned for a long time, the items will become moldy.

You can buy some shelves on the countertop near the sink to make better use of the vertical space on the countertop.

By using shelves, you can directly change the storage space on the countertop from one layer to multiple layers. This way, you can see what you need at a glance and just take what you need.

Choose hollow shelves so that moisture carried on items can be controlled in time. Be sure to measure the dimensions before buying a storage rack!

2. Utilization of Bathroom Walls

Figure. 2 Bathroom Towel Storage

Do you know which part of the bathroom is the most convenient and most utilized place for storage? That’s the bathroom wall!

The wall area is generally relatively large, which is suitable for placing things that are needed at any time so that they can be seen and used at any time.

Choose a nail-free pole and use hooks to hang frequently used towels, facial masks, face towels and other items on the wall.

The biggest disadvantage of the bathroom is moisture, so towels and other items are easy to germinate if they are not placed in a ventilated area. Hanging them can be both ventilated, dry, and easy to access.

For girls, the easiest things to throw away in the bathroom are rubber bands and clips. These two items have also become the first on the list of items that are always mysteriously lost at home.

But if there is a small storage box on the bathroom wall, allowing rubber bands, hairpins and other things to have their own "home", this can effectively avoid the two problems of cluttering the bathroom due to littering and easy loss.

3. Bathroom Mirror with built-in Mirror Cabinet

Figure. 3 Bathroom Mirror with Storage

It is best to choose a practical bathroom mirror. A mirror with a sense of design can really add a lot of color to the bathroom. However, when your sink is occupied by bottles and cans and becomes messy, you will regret not installing a mirror. Cabinet.

Choose a mirror cabinet with sliding doors so that your dressing will not be affected by the opening of the cabinet door.

4. Install Bathroom Storage Cabinets

Figure.4 Bathroom Storage Cabinets

To say that the bathroom cabinet is the largest in size, the washbasin area is bound to be larger. However, unfortunately, most people use this area as useless space. The main problem lies in the bathroom cabinet itself!

Bathroom cabinets are divided into two types: swing door and drawer type. Swing door bathroom cabinets store items. People have to squat down when looking for them, and there is an unsightly drainage pipe in the way! In contrast, drawer-type bathroom cabinets can store items in categories and open them for easy access. Generally, U-shaped drawers are used to avoid the drainage pipe in the middle. Compared with flat doors, they are drier, less susceptible to moisture, and much more practical for storage.

Whether it is a drawer type or a swing door type, drainage pipes are annoying. You might as well take them into consideration at the beginning of the decoration and use wall rows to achieve the following suspended bathroom cabinets, thereby eliminating a sanitary dead corner. The space below can also be used to store slippers or a small, dirty clothes basket.

5. Use Every Opportunity to Insert Storage Racks

Figure. 5 Bathroom Storage Rack

For storage in the dry area of the bathroom, for those who have a lot of items, even if there are mirror cabinets and bathroom cabinets, many items still cannot be placed, so the space can only be expanded by adding storage racks.

The placement of things in the bathroom may not be just right. There is always some space that is not large or small. At this time, we can make every effort to find opportunities.

6. Niche Storage

Figure. 6 Niche Storage

The niches use embedded design to increase storage space. The niches in the wet area can be filled with some shampoo and shower gel, and the niches in the dry area can be filled with towels, paper towels, etc.

7. Storage around the Toilet

Figure. 7 Bathroom Storage over Toilet

The toilet always takes up a lot of space in the bathroom, so making good use of the space above and around the toilet is necessary for living spaces with a lot of things to store. It can be used to store paper towels, towels and other cleaning supplies. You can also plant some green potted plants to add greenery to the bathroom.

You can hang racks, shelves, etc. above, or customize cabinet storage.

8. Trolley

Figure. 8 Trolley

The trolley should be the most versatile storage tool, and there is no limit to the location when using it. It is very suitable, whether it is a bedroom kitchen or a restaurant bathroom.

If you have a bathtub at home, don’t miss the storage cart. When taking a shower, put dirty clothes on the lower layer and clean clothes on the upper layer. It is very convenient to use.

Tips for daily bathroom storage

1. Two telescopic rods store eye shadow palettes, loose powder, makeup sponges, etc. The telescopic rods are slightly longer than the width of the cabinet and will be stuck very firmly;

2. Makeup tools such as eyebrow pencils, eyeliners, and makeup brushes are placed vertically in small grids or pen holders;

3. Skin care products, hair dryers, razors, daily necessities, stockings, etc. are stored in categories and placed in separate storage boxes;

4. Washing and cleaning products are placed on the wall, which does not take up space on the countertop and is not prone to mold; the mouthwash cup is stored magnetically upside down for easy draining;

5. To store face towels under the cabinet, use an open storage box with nano glue to stick them firmly;

6. Store skin care products at will, determine a comfortable position and stick them on the wall;

7. Shelves are used to store detergents, alcohol and hoarding items in categories;

8. Use telescopic rods cleverly on the underside and gaps of the sink to store rags and replacement toilet brush heads for daily storage;

9. Store cleaning supplies in categories and put them in storage boxes;

10. Use hooks, ring hooks, telescopic rods and S-shaped hooks to hang cleaning brushes and cleaning tools on the cabinet door.