Healthy Eating Starts with the Right Plate: Why Ceramics Matter

In the pursuit of a healthier life, people are increasingly concerned about eating healthy, from shopping for organic green food to eating a balanced diet. However, we often overlook the importance of the tableware we use. Choosing the right tableware is crucial to maintaining a healthy life, and ceramic tableware is a recommended choice.

Why choose ceramic tableware?

1. The Non-Toxic Nature of Ceramics.

BosilunLife offers ceramic tableware made from natural, high quality porcelain clay. We also implemented glazes without toxic lead or that passed for its release after they have been fired. The tableware is free of harmful chemicals, ensuring that no unwanted chemicals can leach into the food and that it is safe to serve food.


2. Heat Resistant and Food Safe.

Ceramic dinnerware is made by firing at high temperatures, so we can safely put your ceramic dinnerware in the microwave. Unlike some plastics that release toxins when heated, ceramics have greater stability, ensuring that our food is not contaminated.

3. Sustainability

By reducing the use of plastic and disposable tableware, we are effectively reducing waste. Ceramic tableware is a great alternative to disposable tableware and is an environmentally sustainable choice. BosilunLife's vision is each piece can last and impact, which means they'll help in protecting a planet worth living on!


4. Aesthetics

The aesthetic appeal of ceramic tableware not only makes food more appealing, but also serves as a decorative piece that enhances the texture of our kitchen. BosilunLife draws design inspiration from Scandinavia and Nature to offer a wide range of choices, from the Nordic Tranquility Collection to the Timeless Elegance Collection, there is always something that will strike a chord with you.

Choosing safe and environmentally friendly ceramic dinnerware is an significant step towards healthy living. Remember, every meal starts with a serving platter. Choose wisely, choose healthy, choose BosilunLife ceramics.