#BOSILUNLIFE CHAPTERS with Victoire Godart

Victoire Godart - Parisian Lifestyle and Photography Inspirations from Instagram account @victoiregdr

Get inspired by the elegant world of Victoire Godart @victoiregdr. In this interview, she reveals secrets to Parisian style, cozy interiors, and work-life harmony. Discover her love for coffee, nature, and BosilunLife’s eco-friendly products.

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1. Victoire, thank you for sharing your very stylish French outfits, what do you think are the elements that best characterize elegant women's wear in Paris?
I think that an elegant Parisian women in Paris, must include wearing nude or sober colors such as black, white, blue, grey, cream, and always have a touch of originality like a bag, a hat, a belt or a colorful scarf. An elegant Parisian women must have a morning coffee with a croissant in a very Parisian terrasse!

2. With such a strong fashion focus, how do you incorporate elements of home décor with your outfit choices?
I really love fashion, but also really appreciate home design, adding personality to my house. I would like to say that my home is the perfect mix of Scandinavian and Parisian style, with vintage touches and pastel colors.

3. Capturing shots in urban and natural environments is fascinating. How do you make a transition between these two environments easily?
Nature is very important for me, that is why I appreciate not leaving in Paris, but in a little countryside town just half an hour from Paris. Leaving in between Paris and the nature is a real opportunity to have a perfect life balance, spending time having walks around my house, doing pic-nics in the park, and also have the ability to quickly be in the center of Paris if needed. I also spend some time from home because I usually work from home, creating content for my clients.

4. We can see from your content that you enjoy coffee time very much. What are your preferences for coffee cups?
I really enjoy having, tea, matcha, or coffee times, it is for me one of the most important moment of my day. I appreciate selecting cups and plates from brands inspired from the nature, and pieces which perfectly blend in my home design. Eating healthy and local is also very important to me, eating food that is good for my health in nice cups and plate is for me the perfect mix!

5. You keep a high frequency of updates on your social media, how do you achieve work-life balance?
I am very active on my social media, because it’s part of my job, and before everything, it’s my passion. But spending time doing my daily sport session and spending time with my family on week-ends are moment without any digital distraction, and those moments are very important helping me keeping a good work-life balance.

6. What do you think of a quiet, elegant and luxurious lifestyle? This is also the lifestyle advocated by Bosilunlife.
Quit luxury and old money style are a current trend but also a whole way of life, enjoying simple things from the nature, cooking from home, spending time with my family, I think real luxe is simplicity. Also, I try to always be chic and enjoy my outfit and my style in every situation to feel confident and powerful. Even when going to sport, and wearing my pajamas at home!

Victoire adores nature, and Bosilunlife tableware now adds a Scandinavian touch to her Parisian picnics.

7. Have you ever heard of Scandinavian style? How much do you know about this style?
I feel very inspired about Scandinavian style and way of life, for fashion, but also home design. I am also very inspired about what I see on Pinterest, and also following Scandinavian girls on Instagram.
Putting only colors from the nature, but with some pop of colors only in touches in my interior and in my daily fashion style. Creating a cosy, calm, luminous style, within the house furniture, and also in the table for eating breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

8. How do you incorporate Bosilunlife's eco-friendly products into your fashion-centered content?
Using nice cups and plates is important for my, even for appreciate drinking my morning tea or coffee have having my lunch in nice cups and plates, but also using them for creating nice contents on my Instagram, working for several brands. I also appreciate sharing my food and recipes to my community.

9. Bosilunlife’s products are full of creative designs. Which products would you recommend to people?
I have a crush on Nordic Mugs and the various range of tea cups that are perfect for the daily matcha, tea or coffee, enough big for you drink and also with the little lid for keeping it hot or cold, that’s very functional.
I also really love the dinnerware part, with the various plates! Every products are high quality and unique design.

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10. Lastly, how do you evaluate Bosilunlife’s brand style?
For me Bosilunlife’s brand style is 10/10!
You can easily dress up your home with Scandinavian touches, colors are matching together and pieces are unique, inspired by nature! I really enjoyed what I received, ergonomic, functional, and so beautiful, I will use them everyday!

Loved what you read? Watch the video below to see Victoire's beautiful Parisian picnic with #Bosilunlife and get inspired for your own home décor journey. don't forget to visit the BosilunLife online store :)